CAMERON & CO is changing

Cameron & Co doesn’t invest in fancy offices or go in the same direction as everyone else.

What we do invest in is people.
The direction we’re heading?
We take our cue from the people we work for: our clients.

Following the earthquakes, other firms moved back into town to increase their visibility.

Our clients told us we were more accessible in our suburban-based offices – so we’ve stayed, and the feedback has been great.

No intimidating monolithic buildings, or shiny office fit-outs; rather, we opted for abundant client parking and easy access.

We love being part of the community we work in.

We see some of our clients nearly every day, not just as clients, but as part of the neighbourhood. They pop in following the kids’ school drop-off, or meet for a sideline chat whilst supporting the local under 9’s sport team.

Our business thrives because we’re prepared to do things a bit differently.

We value the traditions of our firm, but we are not bound by them. We’re not reluctant to use words like ‘change’ or ‘innovation’ when describing our business.

We accept that the traditional law firm model has been mired in cynicism surrounding the basis of charging and the value of the work done.

We want every client we work for to value the work we do.

Cameron & Co is in it for the long haul, so we invest in long-term relationships. Our business operates on the conviction that we provide:

  • a legal service our clients value
  • up-front discussions around the question of costs
  • clear advice
  • expertise
  • personalised solutions
  • responsive and timely service

Cameron & Co is a law firm with a big future. We’re excited by the prospect of delivering legal services to our clients in new and dynamic ways.

Cameron & Co – Think Outside the Box.

Cameron and Co is changing
Cameron and Co is changing
Cameron and Co is changing
Cameron and Co is changing
Cameron and Co is changing